Board of Directors

CHCA Board of Directors 2020-2021 (as of 8/5/2020)                                                                                                       

Officers with Term Year
Kathi Clayton     President             2023
Tony Banks         VP – Operations Division               2021
Larry McEwen   VP – Physical Division     2022
Bradley Wells     VP – Social Division          2021
Andy Kite             Secretary             2021
Karl Martin          Treasurer            2022

Board Members with Term Year
Jason Bissonette  At-Large 2022
Susan Bray          At-Large 2023
Alexander Burns  At-Large 2023
Lucie Daigle        At-Large 2022
Michael Harding  At-Large 2023
Craig Hosay        At-Large 2021
Keith Kunz           At-Large2021
Joyce Lenhardt    At-Large 2022
Laura Lucas        At-Large 2022
Jenny McHugh    At-Large 2022
Hillary O'Carroll   At-Large 2021
Jason Pierce       At-Large 2021
Dan Pulka            At-Large 2022
Lynn Schroeder   At-Large 2020
Lindsey Toconita  At-Large 2023

Institutional Board Members
Catherine Brzozowski, Institutional, Chestnut Hill Hospital
Anne Standish, Institutional, Woodmere Art Museum
Richard Snowden, Institutional, Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation