Board of Directors

Board of Directors

(as of 6/27/2019)

CHCA Executive Committee, 2018-2019

Laura Lucas, President 
Daniel Pulka, Vice President for Operations
Joyce Lenhardt, Vice President for Physical Division
Marilyn Paucker, Vice President for Social Division
Karl Martin, Treasurer
Jean Wedgwood, Secretary
Will Detweiler, Immediate Past President
Andy Kite, Executive Committee At-Large member
Richard Snowden, Executive Committee At-Large member
Kathi Clayton, Executive Committee At-Large member

CHCA Board of Directors by Term Year
Joyce Lenhardt, VP Physical Division, 2019
Laura Lucas, President, 2019
Karl Martin, Treasurer, 2019
Larry McEwen, At-Large, 2019
Jenny McHugh, At-Large, 2019
Susan Bray, At-Large, 2020
Kathi Clayton, At-Large, 2020
Lucie Daigle, At-Large, 2020
Lindsey D'Angelo, At-Large, 2020

Marilyn Paucker, VP Social Division, 2020
Lynn Schroeder, At-Large, 2020
Jean Wedgwood, Secretary, 2020
Tony Banks, At-Large, 2021
Craig Hosay, At-Large, 2021
Andy Kite, At-Large, 2021
Keith Kunz, At-Large, 2021
Hillary O'Connell, At-Large, 2021
Jason Pierce, At-Large, 2021
Bradley Wells, At-Large, 2021

Jason Bissonette, At-Large, 2022
Larry McEwen, At-Large, 2022
Jenny McHugh, At-Large, 2022
Dan Pulka, At-Large, 2022

Catherine Brzozowski, Institutional, Chestnut Hill Hospital
Anne Standish, Institutional, Woodmere Art Museum
Patricia Cove, Institutional, Chestnut Hill Historical Society
Richard Snowden, Institutional, Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation