Board of Directors

The CHCA Board of Directors is an all volunteer organization. Elections for Chestnut Hill Board of Directors are held annually. Board meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month (December excluded). Learn about our board's annual elections.

Chestnut Hill Community Association - Board of Directors - 2022

Kathi Clayton    President
Term Expiration -  2023

Tony Banks    VP of Operations Division
Term Expiration -  2024
"I am a Vice President at Wolf Commercial Real Estate and leads WCRE’s retail practice in Pennsylvania. I focus on multiple area of commercial real estate in the Philadelphia and South Eastern Pa markets. Throughout my career, I have worked with local and national retail tenants, landlords, community and neighborhood development groups, investors, and startup companies. Before embarking upon a real estate career, I spent more than a decade on the trading floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, where I worked with some of the more prominent firms on the NYSE, including Goldman Sachs and Susquehanna International Group. As a part of the Chestnut Hill community, I believe in the CHCA and have admired the work they do. Whether through advocacy and bringing attention to important matters, they have truly captured the voice and heart of Chestnut Hill."

Susan Bray    At-Large
Term Expiration -  2023

Tim Breslin    At-Large
Term Expiration -  2024
A resident of Chestnut Hill since 2015 and lifelong Philadelphian, Tim has spent the entirety of his career in and around technology. Working in both the advertising and publishing industries, he has helped some of the worlds largest brands better understand how to adapt to the rapidly changing world in which we live. Tim has a passion for big old trees, historic architecture & vibrant small businesses. He absolutely despises litter and spends much of his time cleaning up after people who should know better. Tim’s wife is an attorney with local government and his children attend Our Mother Of Consolation Parish School.

Tim Breslin shared his intentions as a CHCA Board Member, saying "I’d like to support the CHCA’s efforts of conservation of green space and the preservation of historic structures."

Alexander Burns    Secretary
Term Expiration -  2023

David Caulk    At Large
Term Expiration - 2025
"My family and I joined the Chestnut Hill community in March 2020 after relocating from Chicago. My spouse, two lively boys—ages 5 and 3–and I, fell in love with the natural and built environment and the area’s eclectic character.

My professional passion lies in pursuing common goals among diverse stakeholders. I earned a BA from The University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Throughout my career I have worked with local and national governments, nonprofits, Fortune-500 companies, startups, academics, and entrepreneurs. Starting my career in financial management for the federal government, I soon moved to Chicago to build and run a boutique consulting firm called The Greatest Good. We helped clients run field experiments and design choice architectures to improve high-stakes decision-making. 

Currently, I am focused on raising my boys, independent consulting, and community-building through various projects, including building a library for the J.S. Jenks School. I admire the mission and recent work of the Chestnut Hill Community Association, and I am eager to collaborate with neighbors on initiatives that bring Chestnut Hill together."

Lucy Daigle    At-Large
Term Expiration -  2023

George Deming, IV    At-Large
Term Expiration -  2024
As a lifelong, third generation resident of Chestnut Hill, George loves this community.

"Chestnut Hill is a unique historic neighborhood that is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. My greatest concern is that we carefully maintain those qualities that have drawn all of us to this place.  As we grow, development is inevitable and necessary for every community to thrive and survive.  However, that development must be very diligently managed with our primary focus on historic preservation and conservation of the natural resources of the Wissahickon Valley.  It is absolutely vital that we not lose the very qualities that have made Chestnut Hill the Chestnut Hill we all know and love.

For 29 years I have built a career in the financial services industry and was a partner at a firm that managed substantial assets.  At this point,  I now have the time and energy to focus my passion for Chestnut Hill into helping this community carefully manage the growth we all know is coming in a fashion that protects and preserves our most important assets: This beautiful natural environment and nationally important historic district." 

Jeff Duncan    At-Large /Executive Committee
Term Expiration -  2024
Jeffrey Duncan has lived on Summit Street in Chestnut Hill with his wife, Kristen Regina, since 2016.  They moved to Philadelphia from Washington, DC, when Kristen accepted a position as head of the library and archives at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Currently, Jeffrey volunteers as Site Manager and Curator for the Naomi Wood Trust at Woodford Mansion.  He also volunteers as Ward Leader of the 9th Ward Democratic Committee.   Prior to joining Woodford, Jeffrey was President of Duncan Government Strategies, LLC, a government relations and consulting firm.   Before founding his consulting business, he spent more than 30 years working as a Congressional staffer in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, most of them working for Representative and then Senator Edward J. Markey (D-MA) and by the end of his tenure, Duncan served as Chief of Staff to the Senator.  Duncan graduated from the University of Delaware in 1980, with majors in History and Political Science. 

Jeffrey’s interest in the Chestnut Hill Community Association grew out of his work with the neighbors concerned about the proposed redevelopment of the former Sunoco station at 10 Bethlehem Pike, and he has worked with the CHCA to support its appeal of the recent decision by the City’s Licensing and Inspection Office to approve the developer’s plan to erect a 33-unit apartment building on this site.  He has joined the CHCA Board to support the CHCA’s ongoing work to ensure that plans for this and other new developments in Chestnut Hill are compatible with the communities’ historic architectural fabric.

Keith Kunz    At-Large
Term Expiration -  2024
"My name is Keith Kunz I am a fifth generation resident of Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy. I am an electrical engineer with channel 29 and have been there for 21 years. Along with my wife Krystin we have two Children Brady and Aly who both go to NFA. My parents taught me the great benefits of volunteering and helping others.

Four years ago I became the President of the Water Tower Advisory Council. Helping to lead the WTAC to make improvements to the Water Tower campus and improve it for the next generation. I have fought to make infrastructure improvements like a new heater system. We have come up with a master plan for Water Tower through a grant with the Community Design Collaborative. Established volunteer clean up days with both neighbors and corporate help (Comcast Cares Days). This has taught me that building a base of volunteers and committed individuals is the best way to grow and execute the plans we put in place.

Becoming a board member on the Community Association was and is to be a good steward of the area that we call home. Helping to bridge the future but keep the feel and vision of this village we all call Chestnut Hill. I have learned from my first term on the CHCA that Chestnut Hill will not preserve itself. Chestnut Hill needs good stewards to protect it and to help craft future developments, businesses and social events that will contribute to the vision of Chestnut Hill."

Gregory Lattanzi    At-Large
Term Expiration -  2024
Gregory D. Lattanzi, Ph.D. has been a Chestnut Hill Resident for 18 years ago. He and his wife fell in love with the community, people and culture of this historic slice of Philadelphia, and are raising their two children here. Gregory is an archaeologist with training cultural resource management, historic preservation and museum studies. Currently he serves as Curator of the Bureau of Archaeology at the New Jersey State Museum and is the New Jersey State Archaeologist. Greg has been most visible as the husband of Haviva Goldman, founding President of the Friends of JS Jenks. He is also a member of the East Mermaid Lane neighbors group.
Gregory's knowledge and experience in the field of historic preservation would be a great asset to the CHCA Board at a time when the community faces new challenges in conservation and development.

Joyce Lenhardt    At-Large
Term Expiration -  2025
"As the convening RCO for Chestnut Hill, the CHCA has the responsibility to bring the other RCOs together to evaluate development projects in our community that require variances. As an architect and over 30-year resident of Chestnut Hill, I have perspective on what is appropriate for the community and the knowledge of the way the City operates. 
I have been involved with the CHCA for many years and in many capacities, as a member of the Land Use Planning and Zoning Committee, as a Board member and Physical Division Vice President and co-chair of the Chestnut Hill Conservation, Preservation and Development Study among others.
As much as we would like to control development directly, we must operate under the City's rules. I believe that we should work with our Councilperson to create an overlay for Chestnut Hill that allows for appropriate development. Currently we are subject to rules that apply to the entire City. We need rules that are tailored to our Community. 
Obviously, Chestnut Hill is a desirable place to live – and because the minimum lot sizes in Philadelphia are so small, there is space to squeeze in more units without triggering the need for zoning variances. 
Ideally Chestnut Hill will find a way to protect what we have and provide for appropriate growth. Some increased density in the right places is good – it helps support community and the business district. However, it needs to be done sensitively – and without destroying our historic resources. Destruction is not just demolition, it is changing the patterns and spacing of buildings, removing heritage trees, adding buildings that don’t respect the historic architecture. We have something very special here and sometimes it is hard to define – which makes it hard to protect.
We need to be loud and clear with the City during the Remapping Process and beyond to get support to implement strategies to protect what we have and guide our future."

Laura Lucas   Past President

Larry McEwen    VP of Physical Divison
Term Expiration -  2025
"I have a 25-year, Chestnut Hill-based architectural practice, and am an Adjunct Professor at Thomas Jefferson University East Fall’s Center for Architecture & the Built Environment.  My practice has been recognized for work at historically significant sites including Wyck, Druim Moir, and St. Martin-in-the-Fields EC, where we have assisted organizations and individuals to achieve their aspirations and enhance connections with their respective communities.  In 35 years of adjunct teaching at first Drexel U and now Jefferson East Falls I have taught several generations of students, focusing on the interdependent relationship of built form and landscape, a design attitude consistent with the great physical strength and beauty of Chestnut Hill. 
I have been involved in community service since moving here in 1990, and continue to apply my professional expertise as a practicing architect and teacher, and the experience of 29 years on the Land Use Planning & Zoning Committee, to find mutually beneficial solutions to planning issues that confront our Community.  As we engage with the Philadelphia City Planning Commission on the upcoming zoning re-mapping of Chestnut Hill, I look forward to ensuring that the Board has a strong voice in balancing appropriate patterns of development with enforceable protections for our historic buildings and landscape."

Jenny McHugh    At-Large
Term Expiration -  2025
"As a leader and professional in institutional advancement, I have supported the mission of secondary education for over 25 years.  As a graduate of Trinity College, I earned the distinction of Presidential Fellow. I have served as Director of Institutional Advancement/Director of Development at Springside School and SCH Academy for over 20 years where I have led all aspects of the advancement program, building a national reputation for the school.  As a result of the merger of Springside School and Chestnut Hill Academy in 2012, I strongly supported the merger vision and implemented key development-related goals to effect change while recognizing the importance of honoring the traditions of both institutions.  During this time of change, my strategic vision and institutional knowledge eased the transition of a new Head of School and I worked to implement a successful entrance plan while continuing to sustain and manage a fundraising program that significantly exceeded expectations."

Jason Pierce    Treasurer

Camille Peluso    At-Large
Term Expiration -  2024
"I have been a resident of Chestnut Hill for 26 years and a practicing architect for 40 years. I am dedicated to creating buildings and places which embrace the past as well as look to the future. I greatly respect the unique quality and history of our village and would work tirelessly to maintain the character of this community which has made it one of the most desirable places to live in the city.

I am the principal of a full service architectural and interior design firm, Camille Peluso Architects, LLC. Established in 2005, the practice focuses on Corporate Institutions, including Government, Financial and Workplace Environments as well as Health Care, Retail, and Residential projects. My firm is certified with the Women Business Enterprise National Council.

I am also a member of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Women’s Committee and a member of the managing committee of the Carpenter’s Company of Philadelphia.

Having chosen Chestnut Hill as my home to raise a family, I am dedicated to the stewardship of this historic village. Please join me in working to keep the quality of our community and guiding it into the future."

J. Ross Piling    At-Large
Term Expiration -  2025
"I have deep, multi-generational roots in Chestnut Hill. I have operated a conservation based real estate practice here for 28 years, facilitating major land acquisition transactions for a “Fortune 5“ company, national conservation organizations, a private client base as well as for federal, state, county and local entities. I have served as Chairman of the Board of the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust and Board Secretary to the Montgomery County Lands Trust. As a Board member of the Montgomery County Planning Commission, I have had the opportunity to review every major proposed infrastructure and land development project in the County over a four-year tenure. I have worked for commercial/industrial developers in the Philadelphia area as well as serving as Vice President and Director of Land Development for a local trust company. My master’s degree in planning from the University of Pennsylvania has not limited me from learning many different aspects of the real estate market over a span of almost 40 years. I am beginning to enjoy the concept of semi-retirement albeit I can’t seem to let go of interesting projects like continuing to serve as a Board member of the Community Association."

Christina Reichert    At Large
Term Expiration - 2025
"I am a freelance Spanish language interpreter. I mainly work in hospital settings but I also interpret in community settings such as community centers and schools all over the Delaware Valley. I spent 25 years as a Spanish and English as a Second Language teacher in and around Philadelphia. I have been a resident of Chestnut Hill for 7 years but grew up right above the Valley Green Inn just over the Wissahickon, so I’ve known Chestnut Hill since I was a child. Since I moved here I have volunteered in many settings such as the Hilltop Bookstore to benefit the Free Library of Philadelphia Chestnut Hill Branch, Pastorius Park Summer Concert Series, Friends of Jenks Library and many other volunteer opportunities for both the CHCA and the Chestnut Hill Conservancy. As a resident of Chestnut Hill, I believe in the CHCA and have admired the work they do."

Matthew Rutt    At-Large
Term Expiration - 2025
"My family and I have been in the Chestnut Hill community for over 15 years, originally in Wyndmoor and more recently in Chestnut Hill proper, where we fully renovated a historically significant home adjacent to Pastorius Park. Over the years, my family has become integrated into the area via its many institutions and resources such as church congregations, the Philadelphia Cricket Club, Chestnut Hill Historical Society, Chestnut Hill Youth Sports, Pastorius Park concerts, running/biking/hiking in the Wissahickon trails. I also am blessed to spend my working hours on the Hill as a tenant in the Kismet co-working office which allows me to walk the Hill most every day frequenting the various shops and restaurants (Baker Street especially!). Professionally, I am a licensed civil engineer who has spent the past 25 years in the world of land development design and permitting. I am the founder and president of a local civil engineering firm, Landcore Engineering Consultants, PC. I have consistently managed and grown the firm for the past 15-years. Accordingly, I have a deep understanding of matters such as land use, planning, zoning, permitting/regulations, stormwater and site design.

My wife Megan and I have chosen Chestnut Hill as the place to reside and raise our family. This choice was based on the unique quality of life that this area affords. I believe that the CHCA is a key stakeholder responsible for not only preserving that quality of life, but also to seek out ways to continually curate its evolution to ensure its longevity and relevance as times goes on. Accordingly, it is my desire to join the CHCA Board. I feel that my knowledge and experience, coupled with my investment in this area as my families’ home for many years to come makes me suited to this position. I welcome an opportunity to assist in the CHCA’s efforts by working thoughtfully and respectfully with other members on the important work and decisions that lie ahead.

I believe I can be of benefit to Chestnut Hill and be a positive influence in the community while representing the voice of Chestnut Hill. I can assist in providing clarity and understanding with regard to the many issues and situations facing Chestnut Hill. My involvement on the Board permits me to find opportunities to strategically align ourselves as a more interconnected and unified community." 

Lynn Schroeder    VP of Social Division
Term Expiration -  2023

Lindsey Toconita    At-Large
Term Expiration -  2023

Beth Wright    At-Large
Term Expiration -  2024
Elizabeth “Beth” Wright, has been a Chestnut Hill resident for the past 17 years with her husband, Fabrizio Franco.  A former professional fundraiser, her Philadelphia career spanned roles with the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts and Sciences and the Curtis Institute of Music where she served as Vice President of Development.  She has been most visible in the Chestnut Hill community as a gardener and a member of the 30 W. Highland Neighbors Group Steering Committee.
In addition to tending her own garden — theirs is the “lilies house” on W. Highland Avenue! — she co-founded the Highland Station Gardens Initiative.  Working with neighbors, Septa, and the Chestnut Hill Community Association, she is working to create an oasis there for the community with new gardens and trees.  As a 30 W. Steering Committee member, she led the communications outreach that kept neighbors informed; she provided sworn testimony on behalf of the Neighbors at the ZBA; and she participated in the subsequent negotiations that yielded a better-designed building for the neighborhood.  She would bring the same energy and determination, commitment to transparency, and communications skills to the CHCA Board.

Institutional Board Members

Richard Bartholomew
Chestnut Hill Conservancy

Janel Baselice
John S. Jenks School

Catherine Brzozowski
Chestnut Hill Hospital
Executive Committee

Cynthia Fillmore
CHBA/CH Parking Foundation

Ron Pete
Business Improvement District

Anne Standish 
Woodmere Art Museum