Board of Directors

(as of 7/01/17)

CHCA Executive Committee, 2016-2017

Laura Lucas, President 
Daniel Pulka, Vice President for Operations
Joyce Lenhardt, Vice President for Physical Division
Marilyn Paucker, Vice President for Social Division
Karl Martin, Treasurer
Jean Wedgwood, Secretary
Will Detweiler, Immediate Past President
Andy Kite, At-Large
Jack McMeekin, At-Large
Richard Snowden, At-Large

CHCA Board of Directors by Term Year

Jenny Mchugh, At-Large 2018
Jack McMeekin At-Large 2018
Andy Kite,         At-Large 2018
Bob Boyer         At-Large 2018
Dan Compton    At-Large 2018
Drew Meschter  At-Large 2018

Mike Chomentowski, At-Large 2019
Joyce Lenhardt,        At-Large 2019
Laura Lucas             At-Large 2019
Larry Mcewen,         At-Large 2019
Liz Bales,                 At-Large 2019
Arianna Neromilotis, At-Large 2019
Dan Pulka,                At-Large 2019

Susan Bray,              At-Large 2020
Cathy Clayton,         At-Large 2020
Lucie Daigle,            At-Large 2020
Lindsey De'Angelo, At-Large 2020
Lynn Schroeder,     At-Large 2020
Marilyn Paucker,    At-Large 2020
Jean Wedgwood    At-Large 2020

** Past Board President - Will Detweiler

Catherine Brzozowski, Institutional, Chestnut Hill Hospital
Anne Standish, Institutional, Woodmere Art Museum.
Patricia Cove, Institutional, Chestnut Hill Historical Society
Christopher Plant, Institutional, Chestnut Hill Business Association
Richard Snowden, Institutional, Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation


Residents, friends, and neighbors of Chestnut Hill are among the thousands who donate time and energy to help on committees and with special events. Thanks to these volunteers, Chestnut Hill is a lively neighborhood where neighbors know neighbors and people make things happen.

Won’t you become one of our valued volunteers? Here are some ways you can help:

CHCA Staff

Meet Your Staff
To answer your questions about the association it is key to know the roles of each of our team. We strongly encourage you to reach out to each of them and to help answer your questions.

Ryan Rosenbaum, MBA

Executive Director

Since 2015, he has led the CHCA through a new ERA. He began his career in association management in 2002. For the CHCA, he oversees a staff of 5 (part-time and full-time). His role is to make sure the plans and vision of a 31-member board is executed properly. Among his key goals is to maintain the annual budget is on track, maintain an evolving membership, ensure sponsorships opportunities are readily available and see that the programs are in-sync and successfully implemented. His hope for the CHCA is to have more informed and engaged members. He prides himself on putting people first and making the office a vibrant and welcoming place for staff, volunteer leaders and general members alike.
Ryan was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia. He now lives in nearby Horsham with his wife and young daughter. When he is not working, he can likely be found cheering on the home teams. He is a Phillies season ticket holder. He is also a lover of the theatrical arts, politics, bobbleheads and reality television.

Janet Gala

Director of Marketing and Promotions

Since 2014, Janet has been the person behind the great visual deliverables of the association. Her eye and creativity is marked in the posters, invitations, flyers and signage around the entire community. She also maintains our online presence including our website, social media and creates our e-mail community blasts. Janet designs our print and digital advertisements in the Chestnut Hill Local and works with outside vendors in the production of promotional items and branding. Anything that has our name and logo on it comes directly from her desk and mind. She is also responsible for promoting our events and association in the media. Janet has lived in Mt. Airy for over 20 years with her husband, Tom, and twins. In her spare time she enjoys photography and organizing photography events, and attending live music concerts. Janet is also a master in the art of Roller Derby. In the circles, she is Jackhammer Janet.

Emily Van Sant

Member Relations Director

Jordan Demetris

Bookkeeper/ Operations

For the last two years, he has the pleasurable task of entering in our payables and receivables. In what can best be explained as a complex setup, he is also an employee of The Chestnut Hill Local doing a very similar job. He is also responsible for financial reports and maintaining proper non-profit regulation standards. He coordinates our relationships with payroll and benefit vendors and keeps our employee files in order. He also produces files needed for our annual audit and helps organize this for the auditing team.
Jordan lives in Northwest Montgomery County. Among his hobbies are playing music in a band.

Celeste Hardester

Development Review Consultant

Some of you may recall her as the long-time Community Manager of CHCA. Upon leaving in 2015, she recognized that love of Chestnut Hill does not go away. She has not only agreed to come aboard as a part-time consultant but she has been an extremely valuable resource and addition to the team. Her role is to stay on top of development issues effecting the community. This means engaging city leaders and residents to make sure the neighborhood keeps its historical and cultural complexities. She can be found at the DRC and LUPZ meetings, along with private meetings with key officials.
Celeste lives in neighboring Roxborough. She is also an accomplished photographer whose work as been on display at local exhibits and shows. When not serving the needs of the people of Chestnut Hill, she can be found attending many musical concerts in the area.