Due to the impending storm, we are cancelling tonights event "Movies Under The Stars: Beauty and The Beast" at the Water Tower Recreation Center. We invite you and your famalies to join us next week (Aug 25) for Rogue One: Star Wars

Welcome to Chestnut Hill (PA)

We proudly serve 10,000+ area residents and the thousands more who visit Philadelphia's "Garden District." The Chestnut Hill Community Association (CHCA) is a membership organization and serves as a public forum for the residents and stakeholders of Chestnut Hill. This is the association through which community policy is discussed, and is the voice of the community to the city of Philadelphia regarding development, land use planning, and zoning issues. We also hold many cultural events throughout the year that bring residents together and opportunities to experience the charms of our community. 


Ryan Rosenbaum

Executive Director 


The CHCA is dedicated to improving the quality of life and encouraging a sense of community in Chestnut Hill.

8434 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118
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100% of the money collected at our July 19 Pastorius Park concert
will go to the Firefighters Widow Fund and 
​Police Department's District 14 Advisory Fund

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